Who we are

Weymouth Design is a full-service branding design firm with offices in Boston and San Francisco. We’ve been in business since 1973 and are unique in our industry in that we provide key branding-related services under one roof. In addition, we serve multiple industries, rather than just one. The resulting cross fertilization of ideas benefits all our clients.

Why under one roof?

In today’s world of specialization, clients often find themselves dealing with individual vendors to execute the various components of their branding platform: a strategic planning firm may be hired to conduct interviews and develop the overall strategic plan and then turn around and outsource the actual work to separate web or print design firms who in turn outsource the photography and video. The end result can be disjointed and considerably more expensive. Our process allows the work to remain under one roof, under the close supervision of a dedicated team whether that team consists of two or three people or a dozen people. The result? A much more cohesive look and feel across the client’s branding spectrum.

The common denominator

A branding project need not be a top to bottom, soup to nuts redo of a company’s brand. Most of our projects, in fact, involve working within existing brands. Some are even as simple as a road show laptop or iPad presentation for a start-up to raise money in the capital markets: a branding project nonetheless. The common denominator to all projects, however, is our ability to create solutions that are responsive to a client’s strategic branding goals, whatever the source.

An invested team

A major benefit of having services under one roof is that all the team members are involved at kick-off. Even though we play our respective roles in the work flow at different times, it is a shared understanding of the client’s goals that guides us. This comes from formal meetings and dialogue, but it also comes from spontaneous, informal moments: A lunchtime conversation. A quick video chat. An elevator ride. A weekend email. Either way, we're all on the same page. The result is a more efficient and budget-friendly work flow process.


We are often asked how many design concepts we provide. It actually varies but we offer a range of options, all of which are viable. The reason? There is no single solution. So we believe in providing choices. Choices in message tone. Choices in visual impact. Choices in content structure. Choices that address specific communications objectives. The key is the up front work of understanding client needs, competitive landscape, internal culture, and the underlying strategy. Our clients don't buy a solution, but rather invest in a creative process. It is through a series of refinements, that the final solution evolves. As a result of this process, we often hear our clients say, "Yes. That's us."


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